July 22, 2011

Midwest Tour – Kansas City, MO

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We started the day off with a 5.5 hour drive down HWY 69 and 44.  We were on the outskirts of The Ozarks so there was some pretty scenery.  There were enticing lakes, hiking, and camping to be seen through the car window, admired from a distance and stored in the memory as a place to visit in the future.

Before Dawn in Kansas City at Davy's Uptown 7/21/2011

Kansas City was fantastic as usual. This was actually our 6th show there.  We had a beautiful crowd who showered us with love by dancing and singing along with our songs.  We even got to show off some of our new homemade analogue synthesizers.  Rob rocked his “Barrel Synth” made from the complex sound generator chip, the same one used in the Atari 2600, while I played the newly rebuilt, “Recipe for Destruction”.   We have revamped Hey Sister, one of our older songs to feature these instruments… we are kind of in love with it.  Our shows have evolved to have this middle section now that feature an electronic music/ art installation of sorts.  Also rob is getting all kinds of requests for custom synthesizers.


Davey’s Uptown is a great venue with a great staff.  It is a historic rock club, I believe the oldest in KC, but it is impeccably clean, even the bathrooms.  The sound was great on stage and in the audience.  We would definitely recommend Davey’s to bands and music fans!

Rob Houle plays his "Barrel Synth"


It is always nice when you actually dig the other bands you are playing a road show with.  All too often you are playing with people you don’t know and it is just not a good fit…. The Sour Babies as well as Claire and the Crowded Stage were both excellent.  They each have their sort of own brand of pop/folk/jazz with multitalented multi-instrumentalists.  Despite being quite different from us, the show worked really well.  You will like them, go check them out!  Special thanks to Brent from The Sour Babies for setting up the show!  We can’t wait to come back!

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