July 23, 2011


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Kate, J.J. McAuliffe, Rob


For as many people as there are in the world there are that many different opinions as to what life and living is all about.  For me, it is relationships.  Touring is about meeting new people and enjoying our past, present and future as they collide.


Racine is a small town in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, near the border of Illinois. This was the third time we have played in Racine.  We keep playing at McAuliffe’s Pub because the owner, JJ is one of the truest examples of a high quality human being, period.  He cares about his bar, he cares about music and he cares about the bands that play music at his bar.   Every time we have played at McAuliffe’s our experience has been warm and friendly.  The staff and patrons always have kind words and some of our most loyal fans are there.  We have established good relationships and I love that.


At this particular show, we had a very special guest… My high school Geometry teacher, Mr. Sparks, ahem, Robert, err, Rob.  He is now an astrophysicist and happened to have flown to Milwaukee that evening for a conference in Lake Geneva and decided to drive to Racine to see us play!    Also, my parents were there.   We met fans that have seen us play at McAuliffe’s in the past and we made some new ones as well.


There were elements of this show that combined to make it kind of amazing.  We played the longest set we have ever played because we were the only band.  There were only 3 songs in our repertoire that we didn’t play… yet we were not tired.  And then there is that relationship thing.   Wonderful people from our past, present and who will continue to be part of our future were all there…  it was an inspiring night.


Did I mention Tito’s vodka?  JJ serves Tito’s, at his bar, a handcrafted vodka from Austin.  Robby and I have all kinds of food sensitivities, so we pretty much stick to Vodka when we drink and Tito’s is one of our favorites.  It was really nice to have a little familiar slice of Austin so far away from home.  Robby likes Tito’s on the rocks. I like it with club soda and a lemon.



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