August 1, 2011

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati, Ohio:

The first time we were ever in Ohio, it was to play Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati 2009.  It was a lot of fun.  We made some new fans and we have some really great friends there, Christman and Lindsey who are always very hospitable and will make your face hurt with smiling and laughter.  They are ex-Austinites, some people may remember Christman from the Austin band, The Story Of.   Anyway we decided to add Cincinnati to our Midwest tour route this summer.  We are so glad we did!


There is something about Cincinnati that feels somewhat like Austin in its vibe but without the abundance of hipsters…  It is very friendly and laid-back.  We met a lot of nice people and there was even a few Austin expats in the the audience that just really happened to stumble upon our show (said they were moving to Nashville).   Of course.


Here are a few reasons in no particular order why we once again loved playing Cincinnati:

  1. You, You’re Awesome:  That is the other band we played with.  They are really great and I highly suggest you go see one of their shows if you ever get a chance.  I love playing with people who have a great live show, play cool music and are super nice people to boot.  They were all of the above! – Remember that Madison show I complained about a few blogs ago… Well, it came back to haunt us when we started setting up in “Cincy”.  Rob realized that he had left the power supply to his Line 6 Floor POD on stage back in Madison as they swept us off of the stage. :(  NO BUENO!   Yusef, from You, You’re Awesome did an amazing and beautiful thing; not only did he call everyone he thought might own the same power supply, but he ran HOME to check and see if he might have one that would work/adaptors to make it work.   In the end it was way too proprietary of an item and none of these very hospitable efforts panned out and Rob just played without the guitar and synth effects.  It was fine.  But that’s not the point!  The point is, You You’re Awesome, really and truly is AWESOME.
  2. Mayday Northside: What a great venue!  I liked the people, the stage, the dance floor and the hotdogs were great.  I had the “Pickle Dog” and can recommend it!  This is a female owned and operated business and I like that too.  They made us work really hard to get booked at Mayday and they sent us a contract once we finally were booked.  You know what?  I have said it before and I will say it again, I love working with a contract!  Everyone’s expectations are laid out in black and white, promotion gets done and everyone shows up on time and everyone gets paid appropriately according to the contract.  When you are touring around the country on a shoestring, a wing and a prayer a contract is a very comforting thing to have.  A simple thing like a contract indicates to us that the venue knows what they are doing, they are organized and that we have mutual expectations and that they will be met.
  3. The people DANCED.  Dancing is our favorite.
  4. Last but certainly NOT least, we once again stayed with our friends, Christman and Lindsey.  Truly one of my favorite memories of the tour is making and eating breakfast with these dear friends and their adorable recent addition, baby Livian. By the way, Christman now has a really lovely folk project called The Heartlanders which was beautiful to listen to as we indeed drove across the heartland!

Sorry about the lack of photos in this post… We kind of forgot to take pictures at this point.

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