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Brush With Greatness is a cohesive piece of artwork with a loose theme of various “brushes with greatness”. It is not a concept album so much as it is a story album with a consistent through-line. Within the context of “Brush With Greatness” the story themes are really all over the map. We sing about people, places, fantasies and experiences that are truly great as well as those that merely masquerade as such. We even delve into the metaphysical side of greatness on a couple of songs like “Proof”, and “Young Empaths”. Some songs carry with them really positive messages while others are more tongue-in-cheek and beg the question, what exactly constitutes a “Brush With Greatness”? On Brush With Greatness you will hear songs about ghosts, psychic children, the beautiful but deadly mountains and desert of Big Bend National Park, stories from the road and the wild assortment people we have met as well as an inspirational song about an underdog football player who has what it takes to be great! Really though, this whole album is one big love letter to each other. We are both all over every song in the experiences we have shared together, the obstacles we have faced as well as all of our human insecurities and fears that we find strength in each other to conquer. It is most definitely a very personal album – our love child, equal parts Rob and Kate. We truly have such deep awe and admiration for each other that working together creatively most definitely feels like some sort of magnificent “Brush With Greatness.”

“Shockingly good. I’ve never reviewed an album on iTunes before. I’ve been using iTunes for 6+ years, and this is the first time I’ve been impressed enough to want to really push an album. Extraordinary play between the two members of this duo, both lyrically and musically. I’m somewhat shocked at the popularity disparity between songs on this album, as they fit together as a cohesive whole so well. This is a duo that clearly cares about production values, and that is evident on every single song in this album. Can’t wait to see them live.”

-Apple Music Review

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